MK Base – New Range of MK Wiring Devices

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MK Base – New Range of MK Wiring Devices

Value By Design
The MK Base range was created to meet a fundamental need for reliable and safe switches and sockets from a trusted manufacturer that are refreshingly priced for prudent budgets. The perfect partner to the renowned Logic Plus™ range, MK Base is a broad and practical range that looks at home in any interior. Featuring one and two gang sockets with integrated dual USB ports, LED dimmers and a flexible grid plate and euro module solution to expand the range even further. 

Infused With The Same MK Quality You Know
Reliability and performance come as standard, so you get a fit and forget solution, backed by a 20 year quality guarantee. The history of MK is built into every product, from the ground-breaking Multy Kontact Socket to the first modern light switch, MK have been setting the standards for over a century. Specify, install, and use MK Base with complete confidence. Fully compliant with British Standards and European Standards, each product undergoes 100% electrical and visual testing at the point of manufacture. 

Helping To Keep Your Building Healthy
Working with an independently accredited test laboratory, MK have carried out testing on the MK Base range to the latest industry standard – ISO 22196:2011. Results, collected over 24 hours, have shown kill rates of MRSA – 99.98%, E.Coli – 99.99%, Salmonella – 99.98% and Klebiella Pneumonia – 99.78%. Additionally, we have also tested against Listeria - 99.97% and S.Aureus 6538p - which can be resistant to antibiotics – 99.99% kill rates. Anti-viral testing resulted in a kill rate of 99.99% for Phi – X174 which is internationally recognised as the standard in anti-viral testing. Used to test the resistance of critical PPE to blood-borne viruses as well as in air filtration systems it is also one of the smallest known non-enveloped viruses, making it harder to detect and kill. MK Base is not intended to replace standard cleaning regimes. It is an additional protection which can only operate efficiently if the surfaces are kept free of dirt and grime. 

Delivers On Installation Ease
Easy access terminals with clearly moulded markings, along with backed out and captive screws all ensure quick and simple installation. It is a perfect fit every time. Ensure you insist on convenient and time saving features.

MK Base is now readily available at Wesco, ready to support you.

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